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No Title Journal Volume Year
36 SCI Primary radiation damage characterization of α-iron under ir… 첨부파일비밀글 Materials Research Express Mater. Res. Express 5 (2018) 046518 2018
35 SCI A Study on the effects of hydrogen content and peak temperat… 첨부파일비밀글 Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 509, Pages 285-294 2018
34 SCI A study on the reaction of Zircaloy-4 tube with hydrogen/ste… 첨부파일비밀글 Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 491, Pages 105-114 2017
33 SCI Thermo-physical property review of uranium dioxide using IAE… 첨부파일비밀글 Journal of Ceramic Processing Research Vol. 17, No. 11, Pages 1132-1137 2016
32 SCI Spectroscopic and microstructural characterization of 18 MeV… 첨부파일비밀글 International Journal for Light and Electron Optics Vol.127, Pages 9152-9160 2016
31 SCI Microstructural features and mechanical properties of 18 MeV… 첨부파일비밀글 Surface Review and Letters Vol.30, Pages 1650395 2016
30 SCI Effects of 3.5 MeV Proton Irradiation on Pure Zirconium 첨부파일비밀글 Metals and Meterials International Vol.22, Pages 443-450 2016
29 SCI Surface, structural and tensile properties of proton beam ir… 인기글첨부파일비밀글 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B Volume 368, Pages 120-128 2016
28 KCI Effects of 3.5 MeV Proton Irradiation on the Surface of Iron 인기글첨부파일비밀글 KOREAN JOURNAL OF METALS AND MATERIALS Vol. 54, No. 1, Pages 63-67 2016
27 SCI Electrochemical behavior of hydrogen precipitated Zircaloy-4 인기글첨부파일비밀글 MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS A Vol. 29, Issues 32, Pages 1-12 2015
26 SCI A study on hydride reorientation of Zircaloy-4 cladding tube… 인기글첨부파일비밀글 Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 444, Pages 349-355 2015
25 SCI Effects of hydride morphology on the embrittlement of Zircal… 첨부파일비밀글 Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol.456, Pages 235-245 2015
24 SCI A study on the effect of dissolved hydrogen on zirconium all… 첨부파일비밀글 Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 444, Issues 1-3, Pages 349-355 2014
23 SCI Effect of thermal history on the terminal solid solubility o… 첨부파일비밀글 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY Vol.39, Issue 29, Pages 16442-16449 2014
22 KCI 사용후핵연료의 장기 건식 건전성 성능과 주요 열화 기구에 관한 고찰 첨부파일비밀글 방사성폐기물학회지 Vol.11, No.4, Pages. 333-349 2013
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